AMAA Medical Mission to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 8

By Kyle Kevorkian

Day 8- Our last day of clinic for this year has arrived. Day9-3

It was an amazing, momentous day but also a somber one. As I looked around the clinic at the end of the day, I saw people genuinely sad that our work here was done. I could tell on people’s faces and I even heard it from some people’s mouths; they thought that their work wasn’t enough, that they were inadequate, and that there was more that they should have done for people. This is part of what made year’s group unlike any other.

I could write about the clinic as I usually do, but I fear that that is a boring read for all of you so I’d like to take this day of the blog to discuss the team. Every year the Phillips family says, “This year’s team is going to be the best ever!” And they too acknowledge that they say this every year whether it’s true or not. One key part of this is that you cannot truly compare teams from year to year since the overall composition of the team is so diverse and complex, with so many different talents, personalities, and people in each year’s team. day9-4

However, I can honestly say that this year’s team blew me away. I formed a meaningful bond with each and every member of the team this year and I was utterly amazed at how joyfully every member of the team embraced Christ as they worked in clinic and willingly admitted that all of their work here is done for God’s glorification.

This year we saw about 1350 patients; far above our record of 1001 patients in previous years. While this is in part due to having one more doctor than in previous years, I believe that this goal was reached through every member’s love and desire to work for God and to help these people to heal physically and also spiritually. Today I request that you pray for our patients. Pray that every patient who, we saw is able to address their physical problems but more importantly. Pray that they put their faith in God and acknowledge that he will guide them through the toughest times, as well as the best of times. While efforts amazed me this year, the members’ faith amazed me even more. This I recognized on the final day of clinic. Thank you.ARMENIA

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