AMAA Medical Mission to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 7

by Kyle Kevorkian

Day 7- Our official first day of clinic atDay7-3 Stephanavan!

Today we had scheduled 330+ patients, so it was another extremely busy day for everyone. It was amazing though to see everyone working together and adapting so well to tDay7-2he change of environment.

The Stephanavan clinic is always more difficult than the Vanadzor clinic for a few reasons. First, the Church where our clinic is held is only one massive hall and the doctors are all located in a totally different building a short walk away. Having the vital station, urine station, triage station, EKG station, and pharmacy in one large sanctuary is no simple feat. That coupled with the sanctuary having only one entrance and exit makes crowd control a living nightmare. Day7-1

I got lucky. I had to handle crowd control today in the clinic and it was truly an experience but thankfully I was able to deal with it well and the patients responded well to my directions. It’s actually a very enjoyable job for me since I get to exert some control and authority, which always feels good, and also you get lots of bachigs (kisses) from the little old ladies who are, strangely enough, so thankful that you are there telling them where to sit down next.     Day7-8

That’s one of the aspects of clinic which makes it so amazing. Sure there are always the ones who come back to the doctors, barging in to ask for more medicine that they don’t need, but for the most part, the people are so thankful for everything that we do at the clinic. Day7-7

It’s truly amazing to see all of the team members interacting with the patients in various manners and to see how God uses each and every one of us in a different way to touch these patients and help them know God.

Today, I hope you will pray that He continues to work through us and I hope that you can find time to pray that everything we do here touches each and every patient and aids in the growth of God’s kingdom.

Thank you so much! Day7-6Day7-4Day7-5

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