Los Angeles is Buzzing with Domingo Madness!

9/12/15Los Angeles, CALA Opera 30th Anniversary Opera BallPhoto Credit: © Steve Cohn Photography© 2015 Steve Cohn Photographywww.stevecohnphotography.com(310) 277-2054

The iconic opera singer is breaking all the rules by singing and conducting in one spectacular performance.  On October 3rd, Haigazian University is celebrating its 60th anniversary by joining Placido Domingo and LA Opera on this unprecedented occasion.  The production is sold out but Haigazian still has some of the best seats in the house available to our supporters. After the show, Maestro Domingo will welcome our guests at a Black Tie Gala Supper.

Watch this exclusive video clip of Domingo singing the title role in Woody Allen’s production of Gianni Schicci, then conducting Pagliacci…you won’t want to miss out on this once in a lifetime experience!



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Happy Armenian Independence Day


AMAA Joins in Celebrating 24 years of Independence

On the occasion of Armenia’s Independence Day, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) salutes with reflection a day which yielded great joy and pride. September 21, 1991 unified all Armenians in the Motherland and the Diaspora.  A special day which honored, and continues to honor, the sacrifices and hardships of generations who withstood much to enjoy the glory of freedom.

We offer our prayers for a strong and prosperous Homeland and the well-being and happiness of its children.
31 W. Century Road
Paramus, NJ  07652

Syria Lifeline Continues to Need Your Help

“Syrian Armenians are industrious, creative, spirited and productive.  A national strategy must develop to invest that immense potential in the homeland.”
Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO


City of Aleppo Today

And yet there is none!

     The Syrian conflict continues to spill blood, sow destruction, harvest lives and destroy communities. The Syrian Armenians, an integral part of a diverse, harmonious and peaceful mosaic, which has bloomed, blossomed and prospered since the remnants of the Genocide survivors took refuge there one hundred years ago, have dearly paid their share of the calamity that has struck Syria. An unimaginable and irreplaceable industrial economic wealth is in ruins.  Savvy traders, who kept the wheels of a healthy national industry running, are out of business. Craftsmen, who not only repaired automated elements of the nation’s industrial machine but recreated it, are lamentably dispersed and displaced. Engineers and entrepreneurs who built a modern network of roads and highways in the country have closed shop. It is a tragedy of world war dimension. It is reminiscent of the Genocide that befell our people a century ago. Most have relocated. A tiny, albeit courageous, core leadership and a fraction of the community are left behind facing a dark, grave and unpredictable future.

Commercial District, Aleppo

     After three years of uninterrupted sustenance and as a result of the pounding pain and diminution on the ground, a new strategy had to emerge. And it did. We called it Syria Lifeline. It’s a strategy that assists the willing but unable, the most vulnerable segment of the community, move away from the war zone and bridged through Lebanon, flown to the safe haven of the homeland.
     We put Syria Lifeline to the test and are silently moving, one family at a time. No drums, no trumpets and in full coordination with the leadership of the Armenian Evangelical community in Syria. Nothing is spared from our ongoing basic sustenance of those who are still in the war zone. But we have to expand our efforts in this humanitarian rescue mission to help our kin move to safety.

Kessab, Syria

     We admit the strategy still lacks coordination and settlement assistance in the homeland, a very important link in the cycle of safety rings. But we are working on it and hope to make headway with the assistance of other humanitarian entities.
     At this crucial junction in the history of the Near East, Syria Lifeline is an act of extreme national strategic importance both for the Diaspora communities in the Near East and the homeland, Armenia.  The AMAA needs your generous support to continue our rescue mission and prepare to do more as the situation continues to deteriorate in Syria and in particular in the embattled city of Aleppo, home to the largest Armenian community.
      At the Centennial of the Genocide, while we continue to pay tribute and respect our dead, it is far more important to save those who are living, get them out of the danger zone, give them a chance to live, create, prosper, pursue happiness, invest their immense potential in the homeland and praise the Lord.

Thank you for your generous support.


Armenian Evangelical Secondary School: Aleppo, Syria

We are pleased to announce that the Armenian Evangelical Schools in Syria have begun the 2015-16 school year on Monday, September 14, 2015.  These schools offer a a highly qualified education with an academically approved program.


Food Distribution


AMAA Annual Banquet – San Francisco, CA

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AMAA Mission Around the World

The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) is a nonprofit charitable organization serving as the missionary arm of the Armenian Evangelical Church worldwide. At its heart, the AMAA promotes the spiritual growth and development of the Armenian people.  Standing firmly in its Christian faith, and devoting itself to Christian mission, it:

  • Acts as an Armenian Evangelical missionary organization.
  • Encourages missionary interests.
  • Promotes fellowship between the Armenian Evangelical Churches and the Armenian people throughout the world.The AMAA focuses its missionary efforts worldwide on eight primary areas:
  1. Education
    The AMAA, the cornerstone of Armenian education for many decades, supports 24 Armenian Evangelical schools around the world. The AMAA also faithfully supports the Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon, the only institution of Higher Education in the Diaspora. The AMAA remains dedicated to providing our children and youth an education and the opportunity toward a more promising future.
  2. Churches
    With the support of our members and partnering with our union churches and evangelical organizations, the AMAA continues to work with over 150 churches in 24 countries around the world.
  3. Humanitarian Needs
    The AMAA’s humanitarian relief, education, medical, and spiritual programs benefit men, women and children in 24 countries around the world.
  4. Child & Orphan Care/Child Sponsorship Programs in Armenia and Middle East – Helping and supporting over 2,000 children participate in sports, education, Christmas programs and camps.
  5. Armenian Children’s Milk Fund – Providing baby formula for over 600 babies annually.
    Two Day Centers in, Armenia – Providing social services, tutorial services, art classes, Christian Education and other services.
  6. Health Care – Providing free medical services to the underpriviledged.
  7. Syrian Relief – Urgent Call providing funds for food, medicine, education and housing relief to Armenians affected by civil strife.
  8. Summer Camps – The AMAA sponsors 9 camps worldwide – 1 in Armenia, 2 in France, 1 in Iran, 1 in Karabagh, 1 in Lebanon, 1 in Syria and 2 in the United States.

Armenian Missionary Association of America

Cordially invites you
to its

Ninety-Sixth Annual Meeting Banquet

100 Years: The Miracle of Survival

AMAA’s past Executive Secretaries and Directors

Keynote Speaker
Rev. Haroutune Selimian
President of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria

Master of Ceremonies
Dr. Jerry Manoukian

Musical Entertainment
Tatev Amiryan, Pianist, Composer
Seda Kizirian, Mezzo-Soprano

Saturday, October 17, 2015
6:00 pm
San Francisco Airport Marriot Waterfront
1800 Old Bayshore Hwy., Burlingame, CA


AMAA 96th Annual Meeting Banquet
Committee Members

Valina Agbabian, Chair
LindaKay Abdulian • Marian Manoukian
Martha Abdulian Missirlian • Jerry Manoukian
Nora Balabanian • Sevan Palanjian
Armen Beylerian • Arsine Phillips
Hilda Cherekdjian • Sona Plavjian
Virginia Gardner • Yr. Alice Sarafian
Margo Gulesserian • Haygo Shahbazian
Aline Gulesserian Richards • Margi Shamlian
Rita Kablanian • Marina Sweeney
Seta Karamardian • Seta Tujian
Liza Karamardian Carter • Rima Yenikomshian • Vana Khanjian

Khoren & Shooshanig Avedisian School Opening Day


September 1 is not like any other day, it is the first day of school for all children in Armenia.  A day of celebration and anticipation.   The sun shone brightly in a beautiful Armenia blue sky where students excitedly caught up with old friends, and began meeting new ones, lined up ready to embark on a new school year.


Students, teachers and parents were greeted by the Principal, Melania Geghamyan, who wished them a new successful academic year full of great accomplishments, which will result in a long-term effect on Armenia’s future endeavors.  In addition, Mrs. Geghamyan read a message sent by the Minister of Education, Mr. Armen Ashotian, greeting all the students, parents and teachers on their first day of school.  Mr. Ashotian’s message emphasized the importance of education and that school is a wonderful source of knowledge, which over the years becomes so deeply rooted in the minds and hearts of the students that they would never forget and forever call it “my school.”


Mr. Harout Nercessian, the Armenian Missionary Association’s Representative in Armenia, also gave his message, congratulating the students, parents and teachers on the start of the new 2015-16 academic year, adding that they were extremely privileged to be able to attend and receive their education from the Khoren and Shooshanig Avedisian School.  He also encouraged them to reach their goals and to become well-educated Armenian citizens, contributing to their country.


We thank God for the opportunities created at the Khoren and Shooshanig Avedisian School for the children of Armenia.  The passionate spirit to create an appealing and attractive atmosphere in an educational institution where students would love to excel and propel themselves forward has always been in the minds of the benefactors and the Armenian Missionary Association of America, who brought forth this unique educational institution… Your support of the School will make a difference.
– Zaven Khanjian, AMAA Executive Director/CEO
Constructed in the impoverished sector of Yerevan’s Malatia-Sebastia district, the School provides FREE education to all its students.  Over the years, the School has won multiple academic awards, a testament to its excellence in education.
Please invest in a child(ren) and share God’s blessings by sponsoring the cost to attend the Avedisian School; $500 annually or $42 per month.

Stitched With Love

As an important icon of childhood, who does not remember their favorite baby blanket? Beyond being a symbol of security, warmth and comfort, a baby blanket becomes an object of protection and familiarity.

Babies in Armenia with Stitched With Love items

40,000 babies are born in Armenia each year, yet few hospitals in Armenia distribute hats and blankets to newborns, especially in small towns and villages in the countryside.  This is what led, Betty Cherkezian, an AMAA member from New Jersey, to establish the Stitched With Love program in 2013.  Numerous individuals and organizations were asked if they would provide knitted and crocheted items to be distributed to newborns in maternity wards throughout Armenia.

The first Stitched with Love shipment of over 500 hats and blankets lovingly created by volunteers across the United States were sent to Armenia in July 2014.  To-date we have been able to send over 1,800 handmade items!

In recent years, the need in Armenia has become even greater due to the influx of Armenian refugees from Syria and Iraq.  To meet this demand, Stitched With Love is increasing its distribution, through AMAA schools and other charities, and expanding to include hats, sweater and scarves for children ages one through five.  Every item donated is tagged with a special label and collated with matching items.

Handmade baby blankets and hats

A shipment is being planned for November. We would be ever grateful if any projects were sent in by the beginning of November to make it in time for Christmas.

Knitting or crocheting for this special program is a rewarding and fun service opportunity for people of all ages to get involved and directly connects volunteer to recipient. Like each child, all gifts are unique and special; and the labor of love behind each item is apparent as the faces of young and old light up when given these  donations.  We hope that you will join our effort. The support from individuals, small community organizations, and church groups across the nation has been remarkable and a true demonstration of Christian love and charity.  THANK YOU for your continued interest and support.

Betty Cherkezian holding an exquisitely handmade sweater


For more information on how to participate, please contact the AMAA office at (201) 265-2607 or email Betty directly at stitchedbc@gmail.com
All donations of hats, blankets, sweater or scarves can be  mailed to:
“Stitched with Love”
c/o Betty Cherkezian
16 Barbara Drive,

Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632


Recipients of program at the AMAA Nerses and Arpine Aynilian Clinic in Yerevan