Zaven Khanjian’s (Executive Director/CEO) Message at Haigazian University’s 60th Anniversary Banquet

Zaven Khanjian at HU Banquet(The English translation of the message given originally in Arabic)

On behalf of the Armenian Missionary Association of America, its Board of Directors, its President, Dr. Nazareth Darakjian, its general membership, its support base and the donor public at large, I salute you this evening.

For 60 long years, Haigazian University has been a beacon of light, educating young men and women, preparing a leadership in the Middle East, exporting well rounded professionals across the oceans and dispursing ignorance and darkness wherever its rays rest upon.

Whatever the given reasons, ignorance and darkness are the mother of all crisis and subsequent pain and suffering in the world. And ignorance and darkness are not identified by geography. They are everywhere in the East and the West and in between. Money and Power do not disperse ignorance; on the contrary often they are the tools of ignorance and darkness.

In its fight and struggle to dispel ignorance and darkness, the AMAA has for the past 60 years strongly supported this beacon of light and through it spread light in the region and everywhere HU’s graduates have disbursed throughout the globe.

Tonight, in our strongest commitment to eliminate pain and suffering experienced by the people of the region and humanity at large, we reiterate our conviction and dedication to keep this beacon of light, Haigazian University, glowing in the cradle of the civilization, the Middle East, to fight ignorance and darkness and spread the light of peace, human coexistence and brotherly love all around.

We congratulate Rev. Dr. Paul Haidostian and the extended family of Haigazian University on this joyous occasion and may the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ rest upon you all.

Thank you.

Zaven Khanjian
Executive Director/CEO, AMAA
May 7, 2015

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