AMAA Summer Internship – July 2015 – Last Sunday in Yerevan

Sunday July 20, 2015
By George Megerditchian
During our second Sunday and the last one in Armenia, we attended the worship service in Harav Arevmdyan Taghamas (suburb in capitol Yerevan) church.


Visiting Avedisian School in Yerevan.

The service started with songs that were sang by the worship team which was consisted of their youth group.
One of the members even left the camp (Hankavan) and came to play the keyboard with the group and participate in the worship service. When I heard that she came only to attend the service and help the choir, I was amazed and touched by her dedication to her church – traveling two hours from the campsite and joining the group to sing and praise the Lord.

After that Eliz talked about what she had experienced of God’s work in Armenia, and Nayiri shared her testimony about how she was in trouble and with Jesus Christ she faced it and conquered the pain that she was going through.

Then, Badveli gave a brief introduction about the internship and its mission in Armenia, which was followed by his sermon based on 1 Samuel chapter 17.


Visiting Evangelical Church of Armenia in Artashat.

The sermon talked about the five stones that David chose to fight Goliath which are the five principles of David by which he conquered Goliath.

The 1st stone was that he didn’t listen to Saul who proclaimed that he can’t face Goliath.

The 2nd was that he remembered that God had been with him when he was in need.

The 3rd one was that he had a special weapon which was the sling. He refused to wear a bronze helmet and a coat of armor because he wanted to use his talent (the sling) for God.

The 4th principle was when David went to the valley to collect the stones because in the depth the stones would be sharper than the ones on the hill.
The 5th one was that he came to face Goliath in the name of the Lord Almighty.

After the service, an old lady told us to continue spreading the word of Jesus when we go back to our homes.

After getting some rest and having fellowship with the group, we shared the day which was very emotional to me because it was my last one – so I shared my thoughts and amazing moments that I had with this amazing group.

In this internship I came in the name of Jesus Christ with weapons fully loaded to fire them by serving His people wherever and whenever needed.
“I Can Do All Things through Christ Who Strengthens Me”. Philippians 4:13
In Christ
George Megerditchian
Aleppo, Syria

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