RENEWED FAITH – DVD – A Historical Review of the First Armenian Evangelical Church of Beirut

“Renewed Faith” (2014) is a nearly one-Renewed Faith DVD Coverhour-long DVD that not only presents the development of the First Armenian Evangelical Church of Beirut, but also reviews the history of the Armenian Evangelical movement itself. Presented in Armenian with English subtitles, the film is directed by Hratch Tokatlian, and through interviews with pastors, historians and laypersons it traces the appearance of the Evangelical Church of Armenia in Constantinople (Istanbul), its establishment as a distinct ecclesiastical body in 1846, and its expansion into present-day Syria and Lebanon beginning in the 19th century. The video surveys the story of the emergence of an Armenian Evangelical presence in Lebanon following the Genocide, the beginnings of the First Armenian Evangelical Church, the construction of its building and the growth of the Armenian Evangelical College alongside it. Using archival photos, movies, and audio recordings, it also presents its years of flourishing in the mid-20th century as well as its times of hardship during Lebanon’s civil war. Produced by the Armenian Evangelical Cultural Assn., this documentary will provide viewers with a fascinating glimpse into the background and continuing life of one of the most significant Armenian Evangelical churches and communities in the world.

to order a copy of this DVD, please visit AMAA’s website at

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