AMAA Medical Mission to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 3


Armenian Genocide Memorial – Dzidzernagapert

by Kyle Kevorkian

Day 3- Today was an exciting learning experience for everybody, as we officially started up our clinic in Vanadzor!

In the morning we all checked out of Hotel Ani, which will end up looking like a Ritz Carlton by the time we return from the villages, and proceeded in the buses to a church service at the Evangelical Church of Armenia, on Baghramyan Street in Yerevan. It is always a wonderful service, as the choir sings familiar songs in Armenian. The people are friendly and curious, and the pastor gives a passionate and thought-provoking sermon.

After the sermon, we all changed out of our formal attire to prepare for our bus ride to Vanadzor, and, of course, the Lahmajoun Restaurant! The Lahmajoun Restaurant is one of the best meals on the trip, a real crowd-pleaser. I could be a food critic and tell you all about the flavor of the meat and the crispiness of the bread, but I’ll hold back, so we don’t become a food channel here. The main thing to know is that it is absolutely delectable.

After some heavenly lahmajoun, we traveled up to the Armenian Genocide Memorial, where we visited the monument to pay our respects and then took a private tour of the Genocide Museum, which was recently remodeled and up-scaled for the 100th Anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. For those who haven’t seen the Museum, it is definitely an interesting learning experience. They have an amazing collection of photos, documents, and works on the Genocide, as well as amazing tour guides. It is a very humbling but enlightening experience. After the Genocide Memorial, we took a three hour bus ride to Vanadzor.

Vanatsor ChurchImmediately upon arriving at the church, we all traversed through the church to learn to flow of the clinic and where each station would be established. Once everyone knew what their job were and where they would be located, we all began to set up shop and get our stations prepped and ready for the clinic tomorrow. After our setup, we were treated to a delicious dinner which was generously prepared by the ladies at the church. Following the dinner we got onto our lovely roller coaster buses and headed to the hotel for some much needed sleep before a week of clinic work.

The clinic can definitely be hectic and crazy the first day, so I would like the request for today that those at home who are praying for us, pray that we all get the hang of the clinic and that we are able to work together harmoniously and effectively to touch as many patients as possible.

Thank you again for reading and for your prayers!

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