AMAA Spring Concert for the Benefit of Summer Camps in Armenia & Karabagh

L to R: Nareg Hartounian, Tamara Shamlian, David Antabian, Diana Vasylian, Tatev, Sona and Lucy yeghiazaryans, Gregory Loshkajian, Jonathon Floril, Serena Tchorbajian, Laurie Dabaghian, Louisa Janbazian, Mossig Makhoulian, Rev. Dr. Peter Doghramji, Dr. Ani Janbazian, Tamar Kherlopian and Elbiz Baghdikian

The Armenian Evangelical Church of New York on East 34th Street in New York City was the beautiful and inspirational venue for the AMAA’s Annual Spring Concert to benefit children’s Summer Camps in Armenia and Karabagh.  Organized by the AMAA Summer Camp/Christmas Committee, the event was held on Sunday, May 23, 2010 and attended by over 100 guests. Over $10,000 was raised to help needy children attend the camps which enrich their lives both physically and spiritually.

The Committee was headed by Elbiz Baghdikian, Chairperson, and Lucy Janjigian, National Chairperson.

Mr. Mossig Makhoulian, Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Evangelical Church in New York, welcomed the audience and Rev. Peter Doghramji, Ph.D., Pastor of the Church, delivered an Invocation.

Elbiz Baghdikian introduced the artists and thanked the Naregatsi Art Institute for their collaboration in presenting some of the very talented young artists who performed at the event.

The audience was treated to several piano selections performed by David Antabian, a twelve year old pianist from Englewood, NJ. David has been playing the piano for 7 years and recently performed in Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall as a finalist in the 2010 Armenian Youth Talent Music Competition. His pieces included Grieg’s Nocturne (Op54, No.4) as well as the Armenian Song (No. 11) by G. Gurdjieff.

Vocalists Serena Tchorbajian and Gregory Loshkajian, accompanied by Jonathon Floril, performed six pieces, including a beautiful rendition of The Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Serena, a seventh grade honor student, has been training in classical voice for several years and has developed a singing repertoire in five languages. She has performed in venues including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and most recently at Jazz at Lincoln Center with the New York Pops.  A tenor from Saddle River, New Jersey, Gregory has been singing for seven years and has performed with the Metropolitan Opera Children’s Chorus, Bergen County Chorus,

Diana Vasilyan, a violinist who was born in Yerevan, Armenia, began her musical career at the age of seven.  In 2009 she was nominated as “The Best Female Violinist in Armenia” during the Big Apple Music Awards held in Manhattan Center.  Following intermission, Diana performed several Armenian pieces and concluded with a medley of Armenian Music.

The YY Sisters – Tatev, Sona and Lucy – concluded the musical portion of the program by performing Armenian traditional classical music. Their three-part harmonies coupled with the group’s unique vocal styles provided the listeners with a spiritually satisfying experience.  The sisters have garnered attention both from within and outside of the Armenian community.

Lucy Janjigian, National Chair of the Committee, spoke about the Summer Camp program and how events such as the Concert are important to sustain programs for the children in Armenia and Karabagh.  Mr. Nareg Hartounian, founder and director of the Naregasti Art Institute, presented a special Pomegranate award to Mossig Makhoulian and thanked the Church for both hosting this event and for introducing the Naregatsi Art Institute to Louisa Janbazian, AMAA Publications/Public Relations Director, who realized the potential of this collaboration to introduce young Armenian artists and showcase their talents.

Levon Filian, Executive Director of the AMAA, concluded the afternoon event by offering inspiring remarks and encouraging the guests to continue attending AMAA events which support programs for those in need.

AMAA Sponsors Children’s Programs in Armenia’s Provinces

The Easter message in Armenia was proclaimed through various youth activities in Armenia.  The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) in cooperation with the Evangelical Church of Armenia once again organized Easter celebration programs in 44 towns and villages throughout Armenia and Karabagh.  Over 5,000 children, youth and their families heard the glorious message that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that He brings us hope not only for a better future, but for an eternal life.

Hundreds of volunteers under the supervision of Rev. Albert Paytyan, the Director of ECA Christian Education programs in Armenia, made a huge effort and prepared various activities including dramas, songs and games, which inspired the people.  They all participated in worship services proclaiming the good news.

In Ijevan for example, a performance titled, “The Wise King” told the story of a God- fearing person.  He had three sons and before they married, the King gave them different tasks.  Two followed their own desires and only one followed God doing charity and praying constantly.  All three brought favors to their father on Easter, but only the third son brought the real message of Easter.

Similar activities were held in Bert, a town in the North, Goris in the South, in the capital Yerevan and other cities including Vanatzor, Gyumri, Spitak and Stepanakert (Karabagh).  All these activities were aimed at delivering the Easter message of divine love, hope and eternal life in the risen Lord.  They were prepared using a unique educational approach to ensure all, including the children, understood.Rev. Paytyan in his remarks expressed his sincere hope that this message of eternal life will touch and change the hearts of thousands of people and will bring hope to the Armenian people who have endured many years of pain and suffering.

Gift Of Love: Delivering Christmas Joy to Children in Armenia and Karabagh

by Ani Janbazian, DMD
In our Motherland Armenia and Karabagh, most of our Armenian brothers and sisters are still going through economic crises, where families are struggling with unemployment, poor living conditions and are counting each penny hoping for better days ahead. That small glimmer of hope for some though, comes once a year during the time when the world celebrates the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Summer Camp/Christmas Committee of the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) has made it their mission to come together, putting their time, effort, love and passion to organize an annual fundraiser and raise monetary support for their struggling Armenian little brothers and sisters, so that they too, do not miss out on the celebrations during the Christmas season.

Founded in 1999, the AMAA Summer Camp/Christmas Committee has one simple vision: to bring joy and Christ’s love to Armenian youth and children during the Christmas season. Each year, the Committee holds a “Christmas in October” event, to raise funds for the AMAA and the Evangelical Church of Armenia (ECA) to plan and organize Christmas Programs in different towns and cities throughout Armenia, Karabagh and Georgia. The proceeds of the 2009 “Christmas in October” fundraiser was over $40,000.

During this past Christmas, AMAA/ECA Armenia organized 48 Christmas programs in 50 locations for more than 10,000 people. The halls were festively decorated with balloons, lights and Christmas trees. Children and youth celebrated Christ’s birth with singing, dancing and enjoying a live drama depicting the story of the Nativity. Christmas Joy Packages were given to each child to take home, which were prepared by the AMAA Armenia office.

These Christmas programs are the only time for many of these children to come together in a joyous environment, to learn about the story of the birth of Jesus and receive a Christmas present, which for some, might be the only gift they receive throughout the year. Anyone who witnesses the faces of these children during their time of celebration, understands the importance of these Christmas programs and sees the immense joy it brings to the lives of not just the children, but to their families as well. This is the fruition of the dedication and loving efforts of the AMAA’s Summer Camp/Christmas Committee and their vision becoming a reality, which is evident in the eyes and smiles of the Armenian children living in our Motherland.

Consul to Haiti Thanks AMAA for their Relief Efforts

Honorary Consul to Haiti in Philadelphia, PA in a letter dated January 14, 2010 thanked the Armenian Missionary Association of America for mobilizing Armenian Evangelical Churches worldwide to come to the aid of Haitians devastated by a tragic earthquake that hit the impoverished island on January 12, 2010.

“I received a copy of the January 13 communication from AMAA headquarters to the Armenian Evangelical Churches urging them to pray for the victims of the Haitian tragedy and to show their solidarity through their gifts,” wrote Mr. Albert Momjian, Esq. who represents Haiti in Philadelphia. “I commend the AMAA for taking leadership in their efforts.”

Upon hearing about the plight of thousands of victims whose lives were devastated or lost, the AMAA appealed to the Armenian Evangelical Churches and its members to show their Christian solidarity and provide their moral and financial support.

As a result, over $10,000 was raised in the following few days and was rushed to Haiti through the Wider Church Ministries of the United Church of Christ and Samaritan’s Purse two church related organizations heavily involved in Haiti.

Most touching was the response by Evangelical Churches in Armenia.  They raised 250,000 trams – a significant amount considering their resources.  This was indeed a thoughtful gesture on behalf of people who had experienced a similar tragedy twenty years ago and who still feel the pain and anguish resulting from the earthquake that hit Armenia in 1988.  As he presented their gift, Rev. Samuel Kiragossian said, “we will never forget how the world community came to our aid in 1988.”  Rev. Kiragossian is the President of the Union of Armenian Evangelical Churches in Armenia.

The fundraising effort continues as it will take many years for Haitians to recover from this tragedy and rebuild their lives.  Those who wish to participate in the relief efforts can send their gifts to the AMAA Haiti Earthquake Fund or visit the website,

The AMAA is a non-profit charitable organization established in 1918 and serves mainly the needs of Armenian communities in 24 countries around the world.

AMAA Haiti Earthquake Appeal

The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) has issued an urgent appeal to help and provide humanitarian aid to millions affected by the earthquake in Haiti.

The latest reports indicate that over 3 million people were affected by Tuesday’s 7.0 earthquake that hit this island in the Caribbean.  Tens of thousands of poor people have lost their homes and thousands have perished under collapsed buildings.

The quake struck at 4:53 p.m. about 10 miles from the capital Port-au-Prince and was the strongest quake since 1770.  Under normal conditions most of Haiti’s 9 million people are desperately poor.  This latest tragedy has made the situation devastating for this poor nation.  Our aid is more than necessary.

As an expression of our Christian concern and solidarity, the AMAA requests that Armenians remember the victims of this catastrophe through prayers and special relief offerings.  An appeal is made to all Armenian Evangelical Churches and to AMAA members and friends to respond to the urgent needs in Haiti.

The AMAA is the missionary arm of the Armenian Evangelical churches worldwide, and its relief efforts are primarily directed to Armenian communities in need of assistance in 24 countries including our homeland Armenia.  Nevertheless, the AMAA also concerns itself with the needs of victims of natural and manmade disasters around the world.  Over the years, the AMAA has provided relief aid to victims of earthquakes, floods, mud slides, hurricanes, tsunamis, war and famine.

Armenians have repeatedly experienced hardships and we understand the plight of suffering people, and should be willing to help those who are stricken by disasters.

Donations received will be channeled through the Wider Church Ministries of United Church of Christ, a longtime international colleague agency of the AMAA.

Please send tax deductible donations to AMAA, 31 West. Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652. To make a contribution with a credit/debit card, please call AMAA at 201.265.2607 or visit our website –

We ask you to prayerfully consider making a contribution towards this appeal.

Little Hands, Big Heart AMAA Orphan and Child Care Luncheon to Benefit Children in Armenia and Karabagh

KG Children

Paramus–The AMAA New Jersey Orphan and Child Care Committee will host its “Little Hands, Big Heart” Luncheon from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 on Sunday, March 21, 2010 at the Rockleigh Country Club, 26 Paris Avenue, in Rockleigh, NJ. The event will feature a Children’s Fashion Show, showcasing young people modelling clothes to be sent to needy children of Armenia and Karabagh as well as a Silent Auction offering an array of items.

All proceeds will benefit the AMAA Orphan and Child Care Program which reaches over 25,000 annually in Armenia and Karabagh.  Thousands of children in Armenia and Karabagh live in conditions that pose great risk to their health and welfare; others face a daily struggle to meet the most basic needs of nutrition and hygiene.  These children have been cared for through provisions of food, clothing, medical care, education, training in arts & crafts, music and sports.

The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) is a non-profit charitable organization based in Paramus, NJ.  The AMAA operates, funds and supports more than 140 different mission and service projects, serving thousands of disadvantaged people in 24 countries. For more information please call (201) 265-2607 or visit

AMAA Announces The Newly Published Book of Rev. Dr. John Markarian, the Founding President of Haigazian College (now University) of Beirut, Lebanon: The Thirsty Enemy, A Memoir

“The Thirsty Enemy,” A Memoirthat reads like a novel

by Ed Ackerman, Editor, The Sunday Dispatch, Pittston, PA

Paramus, NJ – A rocket propelled grenade slams into the terrace outside of the bedroom window of the apartment he and his wife share in West Beirut, Lebanon. It makes a much louder sound than the routine gunfire to which they’ve become accustomed.

A half-dozen members of a Communist militia group, all brandishing AK 47s, pound on the door in the middle of the night. This scene is repeated over and over throughout a seven-year period, with armed militia representing the Mourabitoun, Saiqua, Druze, Fatah, Kurds, PPS (Partie Populaire Syrienne) and Syrian army. One night, a group storms in with fixed bayonets, their leader ripping the phone line out of the wall and threatening their lives.

Abu Abed, a powerfully built militia leader nearly as broad as he is tall, with a .45 on each hip, who speaks with a mechanical voice box because his own was lost in battle, becomes an ally in smuggling tons of food through armed blockades in order to feed thousands of refugees.

These are just some of the events which make the book “The Thirsty Enemy” read like an adventure novel.

Rev. Dr. John Markarian, 92, discusses his recently published memoir “The Thirsty Enemy” at a book-signing event in his current home town of West Pittston, Pa.

But “The Thirsty Enemy” is not a novel. It is a memoir, the life story of John Markarian, of West Pittston, PA.

Markarian, the 92-year-old retired college president and ordained Presbyterian minister who occasionally preaches at First United Presbyterian Church on Exeter Avenue, West Pittston, has resided in that community with his wife Inge since 1987.

According to the book’s cover, “The Thirsty Enemy” is “a story in which a growing faith in God and awareness of purpose in life meet to form the adventure. The primary setting for the book is the city of Beirut. It tells about the beginning steps in the creation of an institute of higher learning and finds its theme in seven years of war, giving a drink to the thirsty enemy.”

Electing to remain in Beirut for the purpose of protecting Haigazian College (now University), of which he was founding president, John Markarian and Inge manage to survive a seven-year period of war, during which life was cheap on the streets of West Beirut, by inviting groups most would label “terrorists” to sit down and talk over coffee.

Markarian, who has a doctorate in theology, took inspiration from an Old Testament proverb and repeated in the New Testament Epistle of Paul to the Romans: “If your enemy is hungry, give him something to eat, if he is thirsty give him a drink for by so doing you will heap burning coals upon his head.”

Interwoven throughout the book are Markarian’s personal memories of growing up as a son of a pastor, being trained in a family member’s Oriental rug business, working as an accountant for a public utility, graduating with two degrees from Lafayette College and then from Princeton Theological Seminary and of, in 1955, accepting a challenge to launch a new university program in Beirut.

It was the Armenian Evangelical Church that invited Markarian, at the time in his ninth year of teaching at Lafayette, also the alma mater of his father and two older brothers, to launch a new university program in Beirut for the purpose of training leaders for the Armenian Evangelical Church in the Near East. His first and founding presidency of Haigazian College ended in 1966. He served as Dean of the Chapel and Chairman of the Religion Department at Central College in Pella, Iowa, for three years, returning to Beirut in 1969 to become Director of Development and Professor at the Near East School of Theology. He returned to the helm of Haigazian College in 1971 and retired in 1982.

The Markarians returned to the United States residing in Los Angeles from 1982 until 1987 when they moved to Pennsylvania. At 92, John Markarian is an avid tennis player and golfer.

“The Thirsty Enemy” (pb, 450 pp, Item #335) is published by The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), headquartered at 31 W. Century Road, Paramus, NJ. Each copy of the book is $22.95.  To order,  please contact the AMAA at 201.265.2607, E-mail: or visit the website

The 90th Annual Meeting of AMAA Celebrates 20th Anniversary of Armenian Children’s Milk Fund

By Ani A. Janbazian, DMD
andy and Phillips

Andy Torigian, AMAA Executive Director presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Dr. & Mrs. Albert & Sue Phillips

The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) held its 90th annual meeting in Providence, Rhode Island from October 16-18 marking a significant milestone not just for the missionary organization, but also for the Armenian

Children’s Milk Fund, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.  The Armenian Children’s Milk Fund, an all-volunteer organization, which works in partnership with the AMAA, has been sending life-saving infant formula to Armenia since 1989 and was AMAA’s highlighted affiliated organization at their annual banquet this year.

Over 100 people attended the AMAA meeting, including AMAA board members, Armenian Evangelical ministers, church representatives, chapter delegates, worldwide mission partners and friends from all over the world.  On Friday, October 16, all were welcomed by Rev. Mgo Mekredijian, pastor of the host church, The Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church of Providence, R.I. with introductory greetings by Dr. H. Steven Aharonian, President of the AMAA.  A seminar Investing and Financial Stewardship was presented by speakers Harold Nahigian, President of Nationwide Investments & Insurance, Inc. as well as Todd Polyniak, CPA, Principal and Director of accounting and auditing at Sax, Macy, Fromm & Co., AMAA’s independent auditors. Following the seminar, the AMAA Board of Directors meeting began where all who were present heard the updates and reports of the activities as well as a discussion of future plans. 

andy & Joyce

Andy Torigian, AMAA Executive Director presenting to Joyce Philibosian Stein a letter from Mr. Henry Morganthau to Mr. Stephen Philibosian from 1916 and picture of Mr. Morganthau beautifully mounted, in honor of the generosity of her father, Mr. Stephen Philibosian, in both time and finances to assist needy Armenians

The 90th annual meeting began on Saturday, at 9:30 am at the Crowne Plaza in Warwick, R.I., with reports from officers and administrators as well as from the numerous committees, affiliated boards, organizations, churches and chapters.  The names of the newly elected members were announced as follows:  H. Steven Aharonian M.D., Charles Bilezikian, Rev. Ara Guekguezian, Berjouhy Gulesserian, Lucy Janjigian, Aram R. Minnetian, Robert Messerlian, Carol Bezirganian Perez, M.D., and Michael Voskian, D.M.D. 
The annual meeting banquet was held that evening in The Bristol Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza where all members and guests were welcomed by Andrew Torigian, Executive Director of AMAA, followed by an invocation by Rev. Mgo Mekredijian.  Guests of the evening and the participants in the program were introduced by the Master of Ceremonies, Melanie Zeitounian of the host church.  Warm greetings were given by H. Steven Aharonian, M.D. (AMAA President), Rev. Joseph Matossian (Minister to Armenian Evangelical Union of North America), Rev. Joel Mikaelian (Armenian Evangelical Union of France President), Rev. Harout Selimian (Armenian Evangelical  World Council President) and Rev. Dr. René Leonian (AMAA Armenia Representative).  The highlight of the evening was the celebration of the 20th anniversary of the Armenian Children’s Milk Fund, where the organization’s chair Jeanmarie Papelian,  Esq. acknowledged the fund’s milestone with a video presentation that depicted the 20 years of bringing life-saving infant formula to the children of Armenia.  In addition to the video presentation a special
Jeanmarie & Lilit

Lility Galstyan of Vanadzor, Armenia with Jeanmarie Papelian, chair of the Armenian Children's Milk Fund

guest, Lilit Galstyan, from Vanadzor, Armenia was introduced. Lilit was one of the thousands of infants from Armenia who received the infant formula during the first few years of her life when she was unable to breast feed because she and her mother were both suffering a life threatening infection from tainted well water. Without the formula, she may not have been alive today. Now 17 years old and healthy, Lilit gave an emotional testimony and a word of gratitude and thanked the AMAA and the Milk Fund for their support.  A beautiful musical program followed with soloist Gohar Manjelikian and pianist Levon Hovsepian.  Andy Torigian presented to Dr. Albert Phillips and his wife Sue a certificate of appreciation for all their work in coordinating and leading a medical team to Armenia in July 2009.  They gave a presentation of the work accomplished there and shared their appreciation for the hard work of their entire team.  Also, a letter from Mr. Henry Morganthau to Mr. Stephen Philibosian from 1916 and picture of Mr. Morganthau were beautifully mounted and presented by Andy Torigian to Mrs. Joyce Stein in honor of the generosity of her father, Mr. Stephen Philibosian, in both time and finances to assist needy Armenians. A benediction by the Rev. Dr. Vahan Tootikian concluded the evening’s banquet.

The 90th Annual Meeting Worship Service and Installation of AMAA officers were held the next morning at The Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church.  Rev. Avedis Boynerian, moderator of the AEUNA, presented the Armenian sermon with Rev. Greg Haroutunian delivering the English sermon.  Executive Director Andy Torigian gave a service of remembrance “to those AMAA members who concluded their earthly pilgrimage during the past year and joined the heavenly audience.”  The service was concluded with the installation of the newly elected AMAA Board members by the Rev. Dr. Vahan Tootikian, Executive Director of the Armenian Evangelical World Council.  

The entire weekend would not have been possible without the tireless efforts of the AMAA staff, The Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church, their minister Rev. Mgo Mekredijian and the Church Council for hosting the meeting and the ladies of the church for preparing the lunches and dinners, as well as Carlos and Nancy Taraktzian of the host church for playing a key role in handling the weekend’s logistics.

This year’s 90th annual meeting was once again a success, bringing all participants together in fellowship to praise God for AMAA and its services in 24 countries around the world. 

The AMAA serves the religious, educational and social needs of Armenian communities around the world.  The AMAA was founded in 1918 in Worcester, MA and was incorporated in New York in 1920.  AMAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

AMAA Summer Camp/Christmas Committee Celebrates 10th Anniversary of CHRISTMAS IN OCTOBER

Summer Camp/Christmas Committee Members with some of the AMAA staf

Summer Camp & Christmas Committee members with some of the AMAA staff: (seated L to R) Marie Alberian, Elbiz Baghdikian (Committee Chairperson), Lucy Janjigian (National Chairperson), Lucienne Aynilian (past Co-Chairperson), (standing L to R) Rev. Dr. René Léonian (AMAA Representative in Armenia), Dikran Youmshakian (AMAA Field Director), Magda Poulos (AMAA Development Director), Seta Nalbandian, Louisa Janbazian (Committee member and AMAA Publications/Public Relations Supervisor), Janet Avakian, Andrew Torigian (AMAA Executive Director), Adrienne Talanian, Rosemarie Goulian, Carol Goulian Stewart, Elizabeth Aynilian, Rose Torigian, Lily Anne Babigian and Ida Gueyikian

By Ani A. Janbazian, DMD

Paramus, NJ – Every year, 25,000 needy children in 50 different towns and villages throughout Armenia, Karabagh and Georgia eagerly anticipate the arrival of the Christmas season. For these children and their families, the coming of Christmas means one time out of the year when they can look forward to a joyous celebration where they can come together and glorify Christ’s birth with each other. The AMAA Summer Camp and Christmas Committee’s mission each October is to raise monetary support to provide their underprivileged Armenian little brothers and sisters an annual Christmas Program where they can hear the miracle of the Nativity Story in a theatrical presentation, worship with songs and receive a Christmas Joy Package, which for many of them is the only gift they receive for Christmas.

This year, the AMAA Summer Camp and Christmas Committee celebrated their “Christmas in October” fundraiser on Wednesday, October 7, 2009 at the elegant Seasons restaurant in Washington Township, N.J. Over 80 guests who attended were seated at tables with a Christmas wreath in the center, adorned with red and white Christmas ball ornaments tied with strings to donation cards. Guests generously donated and wrote their names on the cards and had them hung on a Christmas tree in the center of the ballroom.
The luncheon began with a word of welcome from Summer Camp/Christmas Committee Chairperson, Elbiz Baghdikian, who introduced Rev. Dr. René Leonian, AMAA Armenia Representative, to give the luncheon prayer. Rev. Leonian then introduced a special guest, Ms. Lilit Galstyan from Armenia. Ms. Galstyan was a recipient of AMAA’s help in many ways; one of them was the receipt of infant formula from the AMAA’s Armenian Children’s Milk Fund during the first few years of her life when she was unable to receive her mother’s milk. Without the formula, she may not have been alive today. Now 17 years old and healthy, Ms. Galstyan thanked the AMAA and recited an Armenian poem. Greetings were given by Lucy Janjigian, National Chairperson of the Summer Camp and Christmas Committee, followed by a moving video presentation that portrayed impoverished families throughout villages in Armenia and children receiving necessary care packages and Christmas gifts from AMAA.

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Donation Card Ornaments

Some of the guests decorating the Christmas Tree with Donation Card Ornaments

The Armenia Summer Camp and Christmas Committee members each year have volunteered their time and efforts to organize the annual fundraiser luncheon to help raise funds to bring some joy into each Christmas season for Armenian children. It was for that reason that during this year’s luncheon, Mr. Andrew Torigian, AMAA Executive Director, gave a word of appreciation to the chairpersons Lucy Janjigian and Elbiz Baghdikian, past co-chairperson Lucienne Aynilian, and present and past committee members for their hard work on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the formation of this committee. Each committee member received a plaque and came together on stage for a round of applause of great thanks. Following the plaque presentation, the guests enjoyed a musical performance by the Harmonia Chamber Players ensemble. The closing prayer was given by AMAA Field Director, Dikran Youmshakian.

Prior to the arrival of the guests at the luncheon, an empty, lone Christmas tree stood in the center of the ballroom. Shortly after the luncheon program began, the tree was overwhelmingly filled with ornaments of donation cards. Each ornament symbolized at least one child who will receive a gift of joy this coming Christmas season. So far, about $20,000 is raised towards this year’s Christmas Joy Packages. If you wish to be part of this fundraising event, you may send your donations to the AMAA at 31 West Century Road, Paramus, NJ 07652, earmarked for Christmas Joy Packages, or donate on-line by visiting Each child’s Christmas package costs $10.00 and includes the Christmas celebration and a Christmas gift. May God continue to bless us, so that we may be a blessing to others who are in need of love and joy.

AMAA will Celebrate 20th Anniversary of the Armenian Children’s Milk Fund at 90th Annual Meeting

 The Armenian Children’s Milk Fund (ACMF) is an all volunteer organization formed by a diverse group of caring individuals in the greater Boston area shortly after the tragic earthquake in Armenia in 1988.  ACMF has saved the lives of thousands of Armenian infants by providing them with infant formula.

 The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) has provided technical and logistical support to this vital program over the past 20 years.  Lilt Galstyan was one of the many children that benefitted from this program.  She was born in Vanatzor, Armenia on March 11, 1992.  Lilit was very ill as an infant, and spent much of her first year of life in the hospital. Her mother was also ill, and the family lacked the means to purchase formula to feed baby Lilit. They turned to the Armenian Children’s Milk Fund, which supplied formula free of charge until Lilit’s first birthday. She is now a healthy 17 year old young adult and will share her testimony at the AMAA’s 90th Annual Meeting banquet, which will celebrate 20 years of the ACMF’s success.

 The 90th Annual meeting will be held in Providence, Rhode Island and hosted by the Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church in Providence.  Over the course of four days (October 16-19), AMAA members and friends, representatives of Armenian Evangelical Churches worldwide, AMAA Chapters and representatives of AMAA affiliate organizations will join to thank God and celebrate the mission and service ministries of this unique organization.

 In conjunction with the AMAA’s activities, the Armenian Evangelical World Council will have its meeting on Friday, October 16 and the Board of Directors of the Armenian Evangelical Union of North America will hold meetings on Sunday and Monday (October 18 and 19).  The Board of Directors of the AMAA will meet on Friday evening to report on activities and discuss future plans.

 On Friday afternoon at 2:00 p.m. a special seminar will be held for all participating pastors and representatives.  The seminar will also be open to the public.  Two prominent speakers, Mr. Harold Nahigian and Mr. Todd Polyniak, will be sharing their insight on a very interesting topic regarding investing and financial stewardship.

 For the past 50 years, Mr. Nahigian is considered by his peers as the dean of investments and financial planning in Southern California, having over 200 million dollars under management for individuals, families, corporations, and church-affiliated organizations.  Mr. Nahigian has been President of Nationwide Investments & Insurance, Inc. from 1979 to the present. In addition, he is the Regional Director of the Financial Network Investment Corporation and a Life member of the University of Southern California Alumni Association.

 Todd Polyniak, CPA, is a Principal and Director of Accounting and Auditing with Sax, Macy, Fromm & Co., AMAA’s independent auditors.  Mr. Polyniak has presented over 50 educational programs and serves as a director on several non-profit boards.  Besides his professional side, Mr. Polyniak is a devout Evangelical Christian, periodically teaching the Word in his church.

 The Annual Meeting of the AMAA will be held on Saturday, October 17 at 9:30 a.m.  Participants in the meeting will review both the activities and the financial reports of the Association.

 The highlight of the weekend’s activities will be the 90th Annual Meeting Banquet which will be held Saturday evening at the Crown Plaza in Warwick, Rhode Island (801 Greenwich Avenue – At The Crossings).

 The banquet program will include a speech by Lilit Galstyan, the young adult who has benefitted from the ACMF. 

 The Annual Meeting Worship of Praise will be held on Sunday, October 18, at the Armenian Euphrates Evangelical Church in Providence, Rhode Island at 11:00 a.m.  Leading the worship service will be the New England pastors – Rev. Mike Mekredijian and Rev. Avedis Boynerian will give the Armenian Sermon, and Rev. Greg Haroutunian the English Sermon.  Participants will praise God for AMAA and its services in 23 countries around the world.  The service will include a moment of remembrance dedicated to those AMAA members who concluded their earthly pilgrimage during the past year and joined the heavenly audience.  The service will conclude with the installation of the newly elected Board Members.

 The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) serves the religious, educational and social needs of Armenian communities around the world.  The AMAA was founded in 1918 in Worcester, MA and was incorporated in New York in 1920.  AMAA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.