Hackensack Rotary Club awards grant for Child Care Programs in Armenia


Rotary Club of Hackensack, NJ, at a luncheon held on Thursday, March 24, awarded the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) a $2000 grant for AMAA’s child care projects in Armenia. Just like the past years’ awards, this grant will again help many children under the care of AMAA’s Child Sponsorship Program with various needs of urgent medical care, and also help some children attend Summer Camps.

David Aynejian, Director of Finance of AMAA attended this luncheon and accepted the check on behalf of the Association. Mr. Aynejian thanked the Hackensack Rotary Club for their continuous support of AMAA’s child care programs in Armenia.

The AMAA thanks Mr. Serge Krikorian for helping to raise these funds for our needy children in Armenia.

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