An Oasis of Peace In a Desert of Armed Struggle


Christmas Gathering at Bethel Church

          On Friday, 25th of December 2015, families from Emmanuel, Bethel, Martyr’s and Syriac churches celebrated Christmas at Bethel Church’s “Poladian” Hall.  The program started with welcoming words from Maria Boshgezenian as well as a greeting with a short message from Rev. Haroutune Selimian, President of the Armenian Evangelical Community in Syria.  “The New Year brings new hope to our lives, the hope that something will change for the better.  As the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds we will thus feel renewed with new hope and promises of something good and beautiful things to come” said Rev. Selimian.
     For the attendees, the celebration reached its climax when Santa Claus arrived distributing gifts of pajamas to family members.  At the end of the program, Mrs. Sona Keosgherian, on behalf of the Armenian Evangelical Social Action Committee took the opportunity to thank Rev. Selimian for his steadfast support to the Armenian Community in Syria.



Rev. Haroutune Selimian Visits Armenian Elderly People’s Home

     Rev. Haroutune Selimian along with Pastor Simon Der Sahagian, Mr. Harout Khatchadourian, Mrs. Maria Boshgezenian and Mrs. Shoghig Shahinian paid a special visit to the Armenian Old People’s home at “Gulbenkian Hospital” in Nor Kyugh, Aleppo, on Saturday, the 26th of December 2015.  With the financial support from the AMAA, gifts were distributed to the elderly on the occasion of New Year and Christmas.



Visit to the Armenian Orphanage in Nor Kyugh, Aleppo

     Rev. Haroutune Selimian along with Mr. Harout Khatchadourian, Mrs. Maria Boshgezenian and Mrs. Shoghig Shahinian paid a visit to the Armenian Orphanage in Nor Kyugh, on Saturday the 26th of December, 2015.  In attendance were the Board of Trustees of the Armenian Orphanage and the children of people martyred during the Syrian Civil war.  During the meeting Rev. Selimian thanked the Board Members for their devoted service and care towards these orphans. Gifts, through the support of the AMAA, were then distributed to the children on the occasion of Christmas.

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