Avedisian School Holds “Bridges Instead of Walls” Book Presentation

On December 8, Yerevan State University and Yerevan State Language University Professor Serob Khachatryan’s “Bridges Instead of Walls” book presentation was held at Avedisian School.

Avedisian book presentation

Prof. Khachatryan, a well-known expert in the field of educational systems in the Republic of Armenia, spoke about the major issues in the education system and how to change from walls created by an education system to building bridges between children and knowledge.  He presented some practical steps that will help the teacher and the student to get closer by constructing these bridges that will unite them.
The presentation was attended by the teachers of Avedisian School, as well as of the Malatia Sebastia District schools. Following the program all the teachers took part in the discussions about the book.

Avedisian book presentation1

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