AMAA Representatives Meet with Hranush Hakobyan, Minister of Diaspora

Diaspora Minister

On November 6, Hranush Hakobyan, Minister of Diaspora of the Republic of Armenia, welcomed representatives from the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA), Zaven Khanjian, Executive Director/CEO of the Association, and Harout Nercessian, AMAA’s Representative in Armenia.

The AMAA guests expressed their gratitude to the Minister for her efforts to enhance the Commemoration Event that was held on November 5. The Event was organized by the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia and celebrated Haigazian University’s 60th anniversary.

Speaking about AMAA’s projects, Mr. Khanjian mentioned that the AMAA is looking for ways to reconstruct Camp Armen of Istanbul, which after much effort, was recently returned by the Turkish authorities to its rightful owner, the Armenian Evangelical Community of Istanbul. Mr. Khanjian presented Mrs. Hakobyan with a copy of the newly published English translation of The Youth Home of Istanbul: A Story of the Remnants’ Homecoming, which tells the story of Hrant Guzelian, founder of the Camp.

The Minister encouraged the AMAA’s intentions of reconstructing Camp Armen and expressed her gratitude for all its efforts in the fields of education, culture, health care and relief. She specifically stressed the Association’s efforts in helping the Syrian-Armenians.

During the meeting, the participants also spoke about the possibility of their joint efforts preserving the Armenian culture and identity.

Article in Armenian

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