Stitched With Love

As an important icon of childhood, who does not remember their favorite baby blanket? Beyond being a symbol of security, warmth and comfort, a baby blanket becomes an object of protection and familiarity.

Babies in Armenia with Stitched With Love items

40,000 babies are born in Armenia each year, yet few hospitals in Armenia distribute hats and blankets to newborns, especially in small towns and villages in the countryside.  This is what led, Betty Cherkezian, an AMAA member from New Jersey, to establish the Stitched With Love program in 2013.  Numerous individuals and organizations were asked if they would provide knitted and crocheted items to be distributed to newborns in maternity wards throughout Armenia.

The first Stitched with Love shipment of over 500 hats and blankets lovingly created by volunteers across the United States were sent to Armenia in July 2014.  To-date we have been able to send over 1,800 handmade items!

In recent years, the need in Armenia has become even greater due to the influx of Armenian refugees from Syria and Iraq.  To meet this demand, Stitched With Love is increasing its distribution, through AMAA schools and other charities, and expanding to include hats, sweater and scarves for children ages one through five.  Every item donated is tagged with a special label and collated with matching items.

Handmade baby blankets and hats

A shipment is being planned for November. We would be ever grateful if any projects were sent in by the beginning of November to make it in time for Christmas.

Knitting or crocheting for this special program is a rewarding and fun service opportunity for people of all ages to get involved and directly connects volunteer to recipient. Like each child, all gifts are unique and special; and the labor of love behind each item is apparent as the faces of young and old light up when given these  donations.  We hope that you will join our effort. The support from individuals, small community organizations, and church groups across the nation has been remarkable and a true demonstration of Christian love and charity.  THANK YOU for your continued interest and support.

Betty Cherkezian holding an exquisitely handmade sweater


For more information on how to participate, please contact the AMAA office at (201) 265-2607 or email Betty directly at
All donations of hats, blankets, sweater or scarves can be  mailed to:
“Stitched with Love”
c/o Betty Cherkezian
16 Barbara Drive,

Englewood Cliffs, NJ  07632


Recipients of program at the AMAA Nerses and Arpine Aynilian Clinic in Yerevan

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