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Did you know AMAA has an online bookstore?
The AMAA bookstore has a unique selection of literature to enhance and empower the vision of the AMAA.  Browsing through the online catalogue, you will see diverse and inspirational resources which include Bibles, Fiction and Nonfiction books, and various CDs and DVDs.  Take a look and add a new read to your list today.

Inspirational Story: Order Today! Product ID #357

Summary:  The “Youth Home of Istanbul” is the story of Hrant Guzelian’s search and rescue operation of Islamized Armenian youth in historic Armenia.  Guzelian, who was a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, founded the Youth Home of Istanbul in the basement of the Armenian Evangelical Church of Gedik Pasha and dedicated his life to the search and rescue of hundreds of Islamized Armenian youth living in historic Armenia, among whom were Hrant and Rakel Dink.


Founded in 1955, Haigazian University is celebrating it’s 60th Anniversary… A Must Read! Product ID #335

Summary:  The “Thirsty Enemy,” a memoir, tells Rev. Dr. John Markarian’s story of being the Founding President of Haigazian University in Beirut, Lebanon, and of his and his wife’s adventure of living in Lebanon and caring for thousands of refugees during seven years of war.


Product ID #358

Summary:  In this book, “Exploring Our Faith,” Rev. Dr. Peter Doghramji, with inspiring zeal and profound theological reflection, explores the implications of the basic tenets of the Church in our daily lives.  Rev. Dr. Doghramji’s attempt to “explore our faith” is to discover living truths in the Creed that will open our eyes and minds, our “logos” to the LOGOS who lives among and in us.  The book is dedicated to the Armenian Martyrs who explored their faith and died for it.


Product ID #347

Summary:  “I Shall Not Die” is the personal account of Rev. Nerses Sarian’s survival during the Armenian Genocide and a record of the miracles of grace that he has experienced.

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