Summer Camps With A Mission


Camp Bedrosian-Shushi, Karabagh

The sun continues to shine brightly over AMAA summer camps throughout Armenia and Karabagh.  Campers have been taking part in various activities, some of which include: daily Bible lessons, interactive sports, arts and crafts, hands-on environmental lessons by special visits from the Armenia Tree Project, theater presentations with music and dance, and many other opportunities to bond with one another and their individual spirituality.


Camp Bedrosian-Shushi, Karabagh

For all attendees, camp continues to be a daily reminder of the goodness of our Lord, the beauty of His creations, and thankful for their friends to share these special times with.


Camp Sheen Shoghig-Hankavan, Armenia

Memorable weeks at camp are only made possible with the support of all members of our community.

Become a part of the ongoing success of the AMAA’s summer camps.

Make your donation today!


Camp Sheen Shoghig-Hankavan, Armenia

For more information regarding our summer camps visit: AMAA Summer Camps

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