AMAA Medical Mission Trip to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 10

by Kyle Kevorkian

Day 10- The official final day in Armenia.

Today I felt a lot of mixed emotions and I’m sure the other team members did as well.

I was yearning to go home to the life I left behind in America but I was also extremely sad to be leaving Armenia and the family that I formed while I was there.

Our last day consisted mainly of touring. We stopped first at the Pagan temple of Garni and then passed to the cave-monastery of Geghard. It was a very informative day with a very knowledgeable tour guide who was able to give us heaps of information about the cites we visited, as well as the history of Armenia as a whole.Yerevan by night

While the touring was enjoyable and enlightening, most of the fun occurred after we got back to the hotel. A large group of us walked around Yerevan for one last glimpse of Armenia before our depart. We ate delicious gelato and waffles with our group and some of the translators and enjoyed each other’s company before we part our ways.

Saying goodbye to my family in Armenia was as difficult as ever, but this year it was one of the hardest parts of the trip for me personally. This year was a tremendous experience in every possible way. The people in the group were absolutely amazing, God-fearing people with the biggest hearts. They made the whole experience totally exhilarating, aiding in my spiritual growth as well as providing entertainment and valuable instruction. I think that from my experience, it’s the mentality of the members that truly holds the team together. Without amazing people like the ones we had this year, the trip would be futile. I’m so glad to have returned to the mission team this year and to do God’s work in my home country with the most amazing group of people anyone could ask for.

I want to give a huge thank you to the Phillips family for coordinating another widely successful trip and for allowing me to come with them on this trip once again.

Thank you all for your time reading this blog and for your prayers.

See you in America!

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