AMAA Medical Mission to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 6


Evangelical Church of Armenia – Stepanavan

Day 6- Our last day in Vanadzor!

It was a busy day at clinic, even though it was only a half day in clinic!
We started off our morning as usual and saw about 170 patients in the morning. By this point in the trip, the clinic has become like clockwork. Everyone knows what they need to do and they do their jobs efficiently. People have more energy, patients are happy, and, most importantly, we are all working together in perfect harmony.

This is the joy of the clinic work; when all the members of the trip work together towards a common goal and do so efficiently and with total enthusiasm.

Then…it changes. After lunch, we pack up the entire clinic, place our luggages and supplies on a truck, and take or rickety buses to the next town: Stephanavan.

After a scenic ride (Approximately 1 hour) we arrived at the church. We all immediately went to work setting up the clinic in the church at Stephanavan. You’d think it would be chaos all over again during set-up, but everyone knew exactly what to do and the setup process was smooth and seemingly effortless.

We rapidly set up shop and then ran through the flow of the clinic in this different setting. Only time would tell how well we would adapt to the new environment.

After a day of work, travel, and more work, we finally sat down for an absolutely delectable meal and finished off the day with a relaxing evening.

Today, please pray that we will all have the strength (both of body and spirit) to carry out God’s work and touch the patients here, who need our love and care. The people here are far poorer and far more ill than those in Vanadzor. So, please keep them (along with those in Vanadzor and all of Armenia) in your prayers. Thank you!

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