AMAA Medical Mission to Armenia – June 2015 – Day 5

Day 5- Day two of our clinic in Vanadzor.   3

So the other day, I mentioned that we had a humongous goal before us (1500 patients seen throughout the trip) and I also mentioned that today we were scheduled to see 400 patients (by far the most we would have ever seen in one day). That task seemed exceptionally daunting, especially to us veterans who know how the clinic normally functions. Even Dr. Phillips acknowledged that he might have shot high with scheduling 400 patients for our second day of clinic. It took an enormous amount of cooperation and effort from every single person in the clinic, but we were able to see 375 patients yesterday! No, it’s not the 400 but it’s pretty darn close! 1

Also, having seen the enthusiasm and energy of all the members of the clinic after we finished our second day, I know that we could have seen the other 25 patients (unfortunately it was getting very late and we had to stop). 2

All in all, it was an amazing day at clinic; hectic, but amazing. It’s fantastic to see everyone bonding and working together in perfect harmony. This isn’t hard to believe, as we were able to see the most patients we’ve ever seen in a day.
Tomorrow we travel to Stephanavan to begin clinic there.

Today, please pray that we (as well as the medicine and supplies) arrive safely. I believe that God will give us strength to see and care for the patients who will come there but please keep praying for us and especially for them.

Thank you as always!

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