Urgent Appeal to Support AMAA’s Syria Lifeline!


From the Kardashians to the Vatican,

while the Armenian world is in a swivel of Genocide Centennial

Syrian Armenians are living the Genocide Every Day

“How long, O Lord… How long!”
Rev. 6: 10

Lisa Stepanian is a voice in the wilderness. And a powerful one indeed! Her article titled ‘When the Rocks Cry Out,’ and published in the Mirror Spectator on March 21, 2015, (follow the link to see the full article on page 15) is an eye opener.

When it comes to Syria and the Syrian Armenians, the collective Armenian conscience seems to have taken off, is on silent mode or on leave of absence. Aleppo5

It is unconscionable to even consider that the Genocide Centennial is of lessor importance. For 100 hundred years, under the deaf ears of the world, “the Rocks Have cried out.” We have had enough. And when the Centennial Anniversary approached, we planned and scheduled such an ear piercing uproar that is blocking our hearing.

Stepanian rightfully states, “we are not ‘living the past,’ the past is alive before us with opportunities to act boldly.”

And yet we haven’t. We are so obsessed (nothing wrong with it) with the memory of the crime our nation faced a century ago, that we don’t see, hear or realize the daily unfolding agony, pain, suffering, death, destruction, horror, melting, collapse and bewilderment of our Syrian Armenian community and specially those living (what a sinister word to describe life in Aleppo) in the post Genocide refuge of the Mother Armenian Diaspora community of Aleppo, Syria.

Since the beginning of the assault on Syria, Armenians worldwide have very generously provided sustenance to the embattled and beleaguered communities. More is needed. But more than mere sustenance, a lifeline is needed.Aleppo4

The Armenian Missionary Association of America is adamant not only to continue its ongoing sustenance assistance to the Syrian Armenians but will continue to be a lifeline for those on the frontlines of the war and the refugees caught in the whirlpool of the unknown.

We call upon you to generously extend a helping hand, share a sustainable idea and/or organize a fundraising event to help save and resolve the most serious crisis our nation has faced since that dreadful crime against humanity our people experienced a century ago.

Lisa Stepanian is a voice in the wilderness. Let us echo her cry out to the world!

Thank you for supporting the Syrian Armenians, May God bless you all.

Zaven Khanjian

Executive Director/CEO

April 18, 2015

Visit AMAA’s website for further information and to make your donation today.

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