The AMAA Welcomes Roman Catholic Pontiff’s Courageous Stand on the Armenian Genocide

Pope Francis, head of the Roman Catholic Church, made history on Sunday, April 12th, by referring to the atrocities committed against Armenians by Ottoman Turkey at the dawn of the 20th century as “Genocide.”

Speaking on Sunday at the St. Peter’s Basilica Mass in Rome to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Pontiff called the crime committed against the Armenian nation in its historic ancestral home as the “first Genocide of the 20th Century.”

Referring to the century old immeasurable and unconscionable pain and suffering of the Armenian people, Pope Francis said “concealing or denying evil is like allowing a wound to keep bleeding without bandaging it.”

The Armenian Missionary Association of America welcomes Pope Francis’ moral high ground, salutes the courage of the head of the Catholic Church and prays that all efforts toward international acknowledgement and condemnation of crimes against humanity will lead the world to a safer place and mankind to a peaceful harbor.

Zaven Khanjian, Executive Director/CEO of the Armenian Missionary Association of America, said that the organization “hopes that realization of responsibility in past and present human tragedies by world leaders will help extinguish flames of continued agony and pain and end continuing carnages around the world and in particular the intolerable anguish experienced by the various communities making up the ancient human mosaic characterizing the people of Syria.”


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