During the last week of September, my wife Sona and I traveled to Massachusetts to meet friends of AMAA. On Friday evening, we had the pleasure of attending “A Celebration in the Spirit of Giving to Benefit Children in Crisis” in Wellesley, MA. It was a delightful evening to support the AMAA’s work for the children of Armenia. I am most grateful to all of the Committee members who spent numerous hours preparing and orchestrating the terrific affair!

On Saturday afternoon, we met with Rev. Avedis Boynerian, Pastor of the Armenian Memorial Church, in Watertown, MA.

I was graciously invited to offer a few words to the congregation during Sunday’s service. I spoke of the history of the Church and the people who have been faithful servants of the Lord providing leadership to the AMAA over the past century and who have made the AMAA the strong and vibrant organization it is today. I reminded the community that these individuals have been role models to us and we have learned treasures from them.

In my remarks I noted that the Church’s website tells of the two gallant actions which demonstrated the love and compassion the congregation has for our people following in the footsteps of the teachings of our Savior Jesus Christ. The first action was the sizable aid provided to the victims of the Armenia earthquake and the second was the Church’s Emergency Endowment Fund.

I spoke of the pain our nation is in and how much it hurts to realize that darker days are still ahead in the Middle East, before we see the hope of a rainbow. What is happening in Syria today with the death and destruction caused on the ground and from the air is not good news. I asked all to join me in pray to God for peace and to continue our support of our embattled communities until the rainbow of peace rises over the horizon in the Middle East.

After the services, we spent time in fellowship with some of the parishioners. One gentleman introduced himself to us and spoke of why he supports the AMAA. In past years, he and his family have donated significant amounts of money to advance AMAA’s educational programs and services. I told him, as I tell all our donors, our work is carried out in the name of our God but is made possible because of you – His children!

As I continue my service to AMAA, I look forward to many more trips to our churches and to meeting our generous and faithful friends.

May God’s Blessings and Favor remain with all who remember, “… in so much as you did it to the least of my people, you have done it to me.”
 Zaven Khanjian
AMAA Executive Director/CEO

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