Help Save Lives in Syria!

A Call to Save Aleppo from Destruction11Crisis in Syria Worsens

The Christian Community in Syria has the growing fear of being targeted.”  Rev. Haroutune Selimian, President -Armenian Community of Syria

“This is a moment filled with awe and fear! Thus we move to announce a state of emergency in order to preserve what remains of the Christian presence in the east and circumvent its demise.” Supreme Council -Evangelical Churches in Syria and Lebanon
A Call to Save Aleppo from Destruction5


In the comfort of our daily lives, it is hard to realize the dangers our kin are facing in Syria. The danger though, is real, imminent and extremely serious.

The above quotes are not picked from history books. They are taken from two very recent appeals received from the Near East that describes the current grave situation on the ground.

A century ago, under the blanket of darkness, a nation was murdered, while the world plunged into dead silence and total inaction. Today, with technology on hand, we witness the crime, hear the cries and relive the Genocide.

Can we allow a deja vu?

A Call to save Aleppo

Armenian Apostolic, Catholic and Evangelical Church leaders visit a damaged and destroyed Armenian neighborhood in the Nor Kyugh area.

We might not be able to change the course of history. But then again, history teaches us that we just might.

In a hymn written in 1774, William Copter said ”

In a hymn written in 1774, William Copter said “God moves in a mysterious way, His wonders to perform…”  We might just be called to perform His wonders.

Let us reach out, inject hope and anchor the will of the people to survive and sustain. You and I might just be called to perform His wonders.

Thank you for contributing to the AMAA Syria Relief Fund.

Zaven Khanjian AMAA Executive Director/CEO



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