Call to Save Aleppo from Destruction

Armenian Missionary Association of America

A Call to Save Aleppo from Destruction11

The situation in Aleppo has taken a turn for the worse since the beginning of June. Dozens of mortar bombs have damaged or completely destroyed buildings in the predominantly Armenian neighborhoods of Nor Kyugh and Suleimanieh, as the opposition intensified its offensive in areas of Aleppo held by regime forces.

A Call to Save Aleppo from Destruction5

The missiles targeting “Nor Kyugh” have not only cost lives and casualties but a vast amount of material losses as well. Many apartment buildings have collapsed while others have been completely destroyed. Hundreds of Armenian families have been forced to leave their homes; some have left Aleppo and have tried to find refuge in a more safer seaside city of Latakia. Armenian residents in the targeted neighborhood have moved in with relatives in neighboring areas and those who have no other place to go, have found refuge in the courtyard of Nor Kyugh’s Armenian Church of Saint Gregory the Illuminator…

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