Armenia Medical Mission 2014 – DAY 8 – By Kyle Kevorkian

untitled1Day 8: Another day of fun and traveling. We started the day with a half-day of clinic work, which flew by very fast. We saw over 100 patients and reached our goal of seeing 1000 patient(1005 to be exact)! After we saw the last of the patients, we packed up the clinic and loaded our supplies onto a truck to be taken back to Yerevan for next year. After a delicious celebratory lunch and some goodbyes to a few of our beloved translators, we boarded our bus and headed off back to Yerevan. On the way we stopped at Lake Sevan to do a bit of shopping and to walk up to the monastery and check out the gorgeous view of the lake from above. Once we were done admiring the gorgeous setting and doing a bit of swimming (if one was so bold) we got back on the bus and continued on to Yerevan. Upon arriving at Yerevan, we all rested for a bit and then we all dressed up in our finest for our celebratory dinner/party! After about an hour, we all met up downstairs in the lobby and prepared to head out to our dinner. The hotel had a gorgeous restaurant located by a river at the bottom of a gorge. It has several animal cages and a large koi pond which provides a lovely natural setting. We all ate a delicious multi-course meal and then spent some time dancing to the music that they were playing. We all partied and had a blast, then returned to the hotel to crash and burn before our final day in Armenia!

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