Armenia Medical Mission 2014 – DAY 5 – By Kyle Kevorkian


Worship and Prayer time in the morning before starting our daily work!

Day 5: The second day at the clinic in Vanadzor! We woke up in the hotel as before and had the same scrumptious breakfast. Afterwards, we boarded our buses, headed out to the church again, and went through our group worship and morning church service. Then as usual, the clinic boomed up and we went to work. We went through both sessions much more smoothly on the second day, as everyone got to know the flow of the clinic and their positions much better. We worked hard and in turn were very productive. On the first day we saw over 280 patients and on our second day we saw a bit less than 300! When we were done with our second day, we began to pack up the equipment and prepare to move our clinic to Stepanavan tomorrow. We had our dinner but with a slight twist. This time, the pastor and the entire church crew came in and thanked us and sang a lovely song to us to express their gratitude. The pastor also gifted Dr. and Mrs. Phillips a beautiful painting and bible to reward them for their unending devotion to helping the people of Vanadzor for the past six years. When dinner had culminated, we locked up the supplies and boarded the bus to return to the hotel. We all needed a good night sleep because the next day, we were leaving bright and early for Stepanavan and right when we arrived, we were going to set up the clinic and start seeing the patients!

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