AMAA Elects New Board Members, President and Officers

Joe Zeronian, Ed.D. newly elected President of the AMAA

            In accordance with the appropriate policies and procedures, the Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) elected its new Board members, President and officers.

            On October 15, 2011, at the Annual Meeting of the Association, held in Los Angeles, CA, the names of the following nine individuals were announced, who were elected by the general membership to serve on the Board of Directors as the Class of 2014: Bryan Bedrosian, Anita Buchakjian, Nazareth Darakjian, M.D., Robert Hekemian, Sr., Louis Kurkjian, Kenneth Kevorkian, Lori Muncherian, Harold Nahigian and Arsine Bedrosian Phillips, Esq. The new Board members were installed on Sunday, October 16, during the AMAA Annual Meeting Worship Service, which was held at the United Armenian Congregational Church of Los Angeles.

            On December 3, the Board of Directors elected its officers and approved the Executive Committee as follows: Joseph Zeronian, Ed.D., President; Nazareth Darakjian, M.D. and Peter Kougasian, Esq., Vice Presidents; Thomas Momjian Esq., and Arsine Phillips, Esq., Secretaries; Nurhan Helvacian, Ph.D., Treasurer; Anita Buchakjian, Assistant Treasurer; Berjouhy Gulesserian, Advisor; Levon Filian, Executive Director; Albert Momjian, Esq., Solicitor; and Joyce Stein, Representative of the Stephen Philibosian Foundation.

            The AMAA was founded in Worcester, MA in 1918 and incorporated in New York in 1920 with the purpose of strengthening and supporting the Armenian people in their Christian faith and to encourage religious education as well as literary and philanthropic work.  Since its founding, the AMAA has expanded its programs of educational, evangelistic, relief, social services, church and child care ministries to 24 countries around the world.  For further information about the AMAA ministries, please go to or call the AMAA headquarters at 201-265-2607.

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