AMAA Sponsors Children’s Programs in Armenia’s Provinces

The Easter message in Armenia was proclaimed through various youth activities in Armenia.  The Armenian Missionary Association of America (AMAA) in cooperation with the Evangelical Church of Armenia once again organized Easter celebration programs in 44 towns and villages throughout Armenia and Karabagh.  Over 5,000 children, youth and their families heard the glorious message that Jesus Christ rose from the dead and that He brings us hope not only for a better future, but for an eternal life.

Hundreds of volunteers under the supervision of Rev. Albert Paytyan, the Director of ECA Christian Education programs in Armenia, made a huge effort and prepared various activities including dramas, songs and games, which inspired the people.  They all participated in worship services proclaiming the good news.

In Ijevan for example, a performance titled, “The Wise King” told the story of a God- fearing person.  He had three sons and before they married, the King gave them different tasks.  Two followed their own desires and only one followed God doing charity and praying constantly.  All three brought favors to their father on Easter, but only the third son brought the real message of Easter.

Similar activities were held in Bert, a town in the North, Goris in the South, in the capital Yerevan and other cities including Vanatzor, Gyumri, Spitak and Stepanakert (Karabagh).  All these activities were aimed at delivering the Easter message of divine love, hope and eternal life in the risen Lord.  They were prepared using a unique educational approach to ensure all, including the children, understood.Rev. Paytyan in his remarks expressed his sincere hope that this message of eternal life will touch and change the hearts of thousands of people and will bring hope to the Armenian people who have endured many years of pain and suffering.

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