Peter Balakian Featured at Haigazian University Event

Mark Geragos, Esq. & Dr. Peter Balakian

Mark Geragos, Esq. & Dr. Peter Balakian

La Canada—The beautiful estate home and gardens of Mark and Paulette Geragos was the site of an al frescoe dinner evening which included a reading by author Dr. Peter Balakian of the newly translated epic personal memoirs of his Great Uncle, Archbishop Grigoris Balakian— “Armenian Golgotha.”

Dr. Balakian also read excerpts from the two new chapters included in the 10th Anniversary edition of “Black Dog of Fate”—inspired in 2005 by his poignant visit to Der Zor, Syria —the “final resting place” of many of our massacred ancestor’s bones. During this same period, Dr. Balakian was invited to participate in Haigazian University’s 50th Anniversary Celebration in Beirut.

Haigazian University Women’s Auxiliary President Joyce Stein welcomed and thanked the gathering of over 150 for their support and encouragement of Haigazian University and Dr. Balakian’s latest books. Host and Master of Ceremonies Mark Geragos was introduced by Auxiliary member, Joyce Abdulian.

The audience was spellbound as Balakian read excerpts from both books. A short question and answer period followed. The Geragos’ invited everyone into their home for the book signing.

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